Hair Thickening Products to Treat Thinning Hair

Hair thickening products come in a wide range of  guises along with many outrageous claims. The good news is that some actually work very well without serious side effects, others aren’t so good and can have unintended consequences.

I have a small confession to make. When I began my research into thinning hair and the huge range of hair thickeners, what I really wanted was a  treatment for hair loss which would produce natural hair without resorting to transplants or drugs such as Rogaine. If you would like to learn about techniques you can use to re-grow your hair naturally, which are used by some famous people, are not generally known and the reasons why they are kept quiet then I can highly recommend you read this eBook:

                >>>          How To Naturally Regrow Lost Hair

Using natural hair thickening products, herbal remedies and hair loss treatments to thicken or grow your hair back avoids complications arising from transplants and other procedures. Thinning and hair loss tends to happen to most men to some extent but  female hair loss , while rarer, has a more devastating effect on the sufferer. The process is often preventable however and the onset of thinning hair and baldness can be slowed and even reversed in some cases.

The reason there are so many hair products available for thickening thin hair, stimulating hair growth, reversing hair loss, volumizing hair and a host of other treatments is because there is such a wide range of causes which give rise to a good many hair conditions. When you identify the cause of your hair condition you can set about developing a suitable treatment regime and, dare I say it, supporting lifestyle.

Diet, stress, hormonal changes and mineral deficiency, for example, play a major part in the condition of your hair and to a considerable degree your hair condition can be a good indicator that other aspects of your health require attention.

  A massage with jojoba oil will give your scalp vitamins B and E as well as many minerals to help boost and lift your hair. Jojoba oil is especially effective if you are inclined to suffer from skin problems like dandruff, psoriasis or eczema, or if you have oily hair. Scalp massage can stimulate hair growth where the loss is not too severe or is temporary in nature and can help prevent further loss of hair.

In China there is a form of massage believed to stimulate the hair follicles by tapping the scalp with the fingers of both hands. Begining at the middle of the base of the skull at the back, tap about 20 times or so then move the tapping slowly upward and outward around the ears. Then start again at the back a little higher than where you began before. Continue until you have covered the whole of the scalp, finishing at the front.